AT2 Comments – Character Names

Disclaimer: I’m not bitching about this, just commenting. I accept any changes NISA has decided to make when it comes to English translations of names written in Japanese. The only thing I don’t agree with is changing of hymmnos.

Chroah Vatel – Croix Bartel: Like the La Pucelle character? I really don’t know how to pronounce this one, but people say it’s kinda close. It was the first name to come out, way back in July, so I’m used to it now. Has a bit of…flair to it. I’m perfectly fine with the last name.

Chroche Latel Pastalie – Cloche Leythal Pastalia: I read Cloche and I think it’s pronounced “closh”, which makes me think of galoshes (y’know, those boots you wear in the rain). It’s just a case of crazy Japanese R/L-ness, and besides, two characters starting with “Chro” might get confusing (though now I wonder what Sasha’s nicknames will be). Leythal is the same thing, but Pastalia is wrong. Quoted from aquagon: Pastalie is the name of the Metafalss lineage of Priestesses (of which Cloche is part of), and of the Hymnos dialect employed by the IPD Reyvateils for the casting of their songs (the New Testament of Pastalie).

Luca Truelywaath – Luca Truelyworth: Boo. I went over the whole Trulywaath thing in my other post, but tl;dr is that it’s hymmnos and shouldn’t be changed.

Cocona Vatel – Cocona Bartel: No problem here.

Legris Branchesca – Leglius Branchesca: I keep seeing (and saying!) this as Legilus, which makes me think of Legolas. Another case of crazy Japanese R/L-ness, it’ll just take some getting used to.

Amarie Jerhad – Amarie: No problem here…yet.


Jakuri – Jacqli: Sorry, but this one was just revealed, and because Jakuri is my favorite character, I’m going through a bit of a Zoey Reaction right now. I’ll come back later.

Reisha Truelywaath – Reisha Trulyworth: Same as Luca.

Batz Truelywaath – Batz Trulyworth: Same as Luca and Reisha.

Soup – Soope: Ehhh. I knew this was going to change. I keep saying it as “soopy”, though.

Gengorou – Goro: Goro is a masculine Japanese name, or so I hear, and Gengorou is a cute pink haired girl (ish). But I’ve actually gotten used to this one, so…yeah.


Alfman Uranous – Alfman Uranus: Close enough for me!

Dr. Roudness – Dr. Laude: Actually, I think they treated this one well, because he has a bit of a weird name when brought into English.

Targana – Targana: THIS MAKES THREE!

Chestar Lu Whinoah – Chester Lou Winoah: Close enough here too.

Reionsetsu Rakura – Lakra And apparently Lakra is a naughty word in Spanish, but an NISA staffer admitted that they can’t always cross check between languages. So it’s another L/R thing.

Sincere – Cynthia: Most of the importers were calling her Cynthia anyway, so it’s perfectly fine.

Sasha – Sasha: AND THIS IS FOUR!

Rerena – Skycat: Okay, so…her name is written as Rerena in all of my artbooks, but the kanji used is “sora” and “neko”, which translates directly to “sky” and “cat”, so they just did a direct translation here. I actually wish they changed this, because it’s a weird name.

Rhaki – Raki: Perfectly fine.

Pepen – Pippen: You mean like the LoTR guy, that was his name, right? It’s growing on me, though.

Reika – Leyka: Another L/R thing, and I actually think this fits better because they went with Luca instead of Ruka (reasons are spoilers)


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