Ar tonelico II English Trailer is LIVE

Talk about a nice thing to wake up to in the morning! Caught it through a topic on GameFAQs that I almost read before watching the trailer for myself. Now, about the voices in general…I LIKE THEM. They’re GOOD. Not horrible in the least. I’m judging them on the short lines given in the trailer, but still. GOOD. Detailed comments in spoilers:

Croix: Hearing this first made me squee almost, because it fits near perfectly. I like it a lot, I will be able to stand hearing him the whole game. Definitely not Yuri Lowenthal, but I’m hearing a twang of Derek Stephen Prince in him.

Luca: 95% sure she’s Karen Strassman, making my guess correct. Misha! Hehe. I like it, it fits her fine. I want to take her path again!

Cloche: In the trailer, she really sounds near exactly like Luca…with a bit of an accent. It’s not Mela Lee, for sure.

Cocona: Only one line, but I like it. I had Sandy Fox as a guess, but I couldn’t tell you what her voice sounds like. Sounds young enough for a cute loli like Cocona.

Leglius: 80% sure that he’s Steven Jay Blum, I can hear the Arlin (Atelier Iris) in him, making my guess correct. A bit higher than I expected, but it’s rough and manly, hee.

Amarie: Only one line, can’t tell who it is at all. It’s fine.

Of course I’m going to need to listen to them a LOT more when playing the game. These are just my first impressions. At least they’re good first impressions, right?
General notes about the trailer, also in spoilers:

Cloche is one syllable, something I didn’t expect. That’s the way I was saying it in my head and I thought it was wrong, but it was right.
Also…Jakuri is totally revealed in that trailer. In the Japanese trailer, she’s in shadow with the name ???. She’s SUPPOSED to be a secret character, the special third RT! So they just ruined the surprise…
The one cutscene they showed, the one after the characters…Luca’s voice was a bit off there, and the line was translated from “Don’t destroy this world” to “No!” A bit of emotional impact lost, but I didn’t know because I didn’t know the translation of the Japanese line.

I’m all hyped again for the game now…


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