NISA Interview @ RPGamer

Click here to read. I’ll just be pulling out what I’m excited about…

-More over-the-top Innuendo (it deserves the capital I) in AT2…I can see where it would happen, there’s a good scene early on.

-Cross Edge in MARCH?! I’ve got three months to save up…about $325. And I wanted to grab a PSP for Prinny, too…

-Also, Mana Khemia 2 looks like it’ll make its way across the pond. Hopefully they fix that game-breaking glitch I’ve read about that makes you not able to get all endings or something.

-I do hope 2009 is a better year for them than 2008 was. Sure, Disgaea 3 and Mana Khemia were nice, and Disgaea DS is good for PSP-less me, but they really killed themselves with the Rhapsody fiasco.


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