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I need information about localization changes made in both Ar tonelico games. What information? Anything. Grammar, spelling, cut voices, inconsistencies, changed names, glitches…I need it all.

Post what you’ve got here.


Early Opinions on Ar tonelico 2

Might be spoilers if you haven’t started the game yet. I’m 5 hours in, at the Ironplate Desert.

-Voices: So far the English track is quite enjoyable! I was surprised to find out that Amarie’s VA is the same VA who did Margaret in Persona 4, one of the weaker links in a very good track. She’s better doing Amarie’s higher voice. Also, Infel is love.
-The cut voices aren’t affecting me as much as I thought they would. I have a few moments of “Was this voiced? This should’ve been voiced. I wanna hear [character]’s voice, when is there a scene with them voiced?”
-Laura Bailey + voiced hymmnos = oh yesssss
-What IS bugging me are the grammar mistakes, mistranslations, and missed translations. Is it Pombleton, Bomberton, or Bon Beltan?! Those corrupted lines of text where they forgot to take out kana is annoying, too.
-“But…doing it with the Holy Maiden…I just can’t believe it.” “If you hurt me…I’ll never forgive you. Slide it in, slowly…carefully.” “You came again? You really like it, don’t you…” If you can’t tell, I love the innuendo. A lot. Even if it’s not really innuendo, but just taking lines out of context. I’ve been laughing a lot so far.
-Also text related, I’m glad I’m able to play it in English, since I’m picking up on little side notes that I missed out just reading about the main plot. Example: Amarie saying that the lullaby Reisha sings is the same song that Sonya would sing

Overall, I’m still enjoying the game, despite all the flaws. The flaws were a bit…I dunno, I can’t think of a word. I won’t be preordering NISA games from now on because of them. There’s an undub floating out there, I’m downloading it just because I can. If I feel like playing through one of the routes with the Japanese track on, I might use it, but right now I’m pretty much content with the official NA version.

Cost to repair my laptop?


If I didn’t need it for school, I wouldn’t have gotten it repaired. They needed to replace the outer case, the LCD screen, and the video card, and because it ended up classified as “user-created damages”, warranty didn’t cover it.

Thank goodness for a backlog, I guess? This is one reason why I won’t be buying many games from now on. I said that I would buy Prinny, Mana Khemia 2, and Cross Edge. Prinny was preordered last week, but I plan to wait for post-release reactions for MK2 and CE now.

Maybe I’ll get Suikoden Tierkreis instead? Or that DS Valkyrie Profile game, though it’s an SRPG. Not going for the Star Ocean remakes right now, going to wait for used copies of those to pop up…

AT2 get!

Well, mom got it. She told me she’s not even going to open it XD Just going to stick another address label on it and ship it to me tomorrow. I think I begged enough to send it next-day shipping…

So I should have it Thursday! Shame that the mail comes so late here, around 5:00 PM, and I have class early on Friday, and on Saturday.

January is trolling me

(I usually don’t post about real life stuff in here, but I need to rant)

-Started off the month with food poisoning.

-Lots of projects, leaving little free time. Persona 4 pushed to the side

-My laptop decides to have its video card crap out the week a project is due. Luckily I have my desktop, luckily there are trials for Illustrator and InDesign, and luckily my logo design is on the school server. I get to take a trip to the Apple Store to drop off poor Miakis (and buy an external HD and firewire cable to back her up once I get her back).

-Internet was down all afternoon, making me freak out even more.

I’m really freaking overwhelmed, and I hate it.