Poll! What figure should I buy?

In a bit of a spending cash mood, so maybe I should treat myself to something? I have a pretty long list of figures I want, so I picked five from that list that were available from online stores (none from eBay). Of course, I can’t decide which one to aim for, so I’ll leave that up to you.

1: Louise Fallsmeyer (Growlanser) – I’m a pretty big Growlanser fan, but the only “fan” thing I have is a (beat up) artbook and the feelies from the US game releases. I should get something more.

2: Rozalin (Disgaea 2) – I haven’t played this game yet, but I think the figure is kinda pretty. And hot.

3: Miku (Vocaloid) – I entered a contest for this but didn’t win. I think Miku is adorable :3

4: Blanc Neige (Shining series) – I haven’t touched this series either, but it’s a girl with white hair, and that’s one of my weaknesses.

5: Urutorii (Utawarerumono) – I got the Kamyu figure for Christmas, so having her sister would make a nice pair.

(edit 3/7/10: I ended up with the Blanc Neige figure back in the summer at a con I went to because it was cheapest out of the ones I found that I wanted. I also got a different Miku figure.)


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