Busy morning of sorts?

Preorders for Prinny PSP went up today, so I got this version because I need a PSP case, I like plushies, and I already have the Disgaea manga. Of course, this all came after waffling over ordering before I decided to, since I bought the PSP FOR this game.

(please let it not suck, the last time I bought a system for a game, the game was downright horrible)

Why I waffled? NISA pulled the carpet out from under my feet with Jaclyn. Yeah. I’m taking this calmly because I know I’ll get used to it as I did with Jacqli, and it’s no use screaming over something that won’t be changed. The game’s probably gone gold by now, anyway.

Oh, and if I had $300 to throw away, I’d totally get this.


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