Ignoring the blog again…

Been a week already? Whoops.

I would do a review of the recently-beaten Final Fantasy VI Advance, but I’ve got bad rose-colored goggles when it comes to that game, and I didn’t even bother with the new additions. It’s a good RPG if you like the old-style, pre-FF7 types, and if you’ve played it before and like longhard dungeons, the Dragon’s Den is perfect. I don’t feel like getting the items and equips needed to go through all those bosses, since I cheesed the final dungeon with Ultima…

Also, I showed great restraint at the mall today after dropping off my laptop (screen broke). Went in the GameStop and they had Star Ocean 1 and 2, Yggdra Union PSP, Tales of the Abyss, Odin Sphere, and some other things that I would’ve snatched up, but I didn’t buy a single thing.


Early Opinions on Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

-Holy hell is this game hard! I didn’t have an NES growing up, so I don’t really have the concept of “Nintendo Hard” in my head, but I think this is close.
-I’ve lost 93 Prinnies so far on Standard difficulty. I spent an hour on the last stage…
-Speaking of stages I’ve beaten four out of the six available, but I think a seventh stage opens up. Maybe I can beat it this week if I keep at it…then it’s just completion stuff (finding secret items, etc.)

Anime cons 2009!

So I totally made plans with my mom today to not only go to Otakon, but also hit up Anime Expo and Anime Festival Orlando.

Anime Expo: July 2-5, Los Angeles, CA
Otakon: July 17-19, Baltimore, MD
Anime Festival Orlando: July 31-August 2, Orlando, FL

Yeah, all in one month, and we’re also visiting family/friends in CA between those two cons. I think I counted 10 total flights, including going back to PA for spring break in April, and my mom coming to my graduation in June.

To celebrate, I’m putting together a new cosplay :3