Cross Edge boxart and trailer

Seriously, NISA, stop releasing so much info about this game so quickly! You’re making me WANT it.

Boxart popped up at Amazon. It’s essentially the same as the JP boxart but Miko(to) was moved and someone was taken off to make room for her. I like it, though.

Watch the trailer here. Yes, I’m pretty sure that Yuri Lowenthal is voicing three characters. Miko(to) is a bit high, the AT1 girls don’t have their old voices, and Etna and Prinny are the same as usual.

Um…that’s about it. I’ll have to hear more of course to get a better judgment of what they’ll be like. But it seems…tolerable? Also, the font they’re using for text seems to be the same used in AT1 and 2. Random observation.

Next thing you’ll know is Rosenqueen will put up preorders with epic swag and I’ll drop $70 (since swag costs extra) on a game I don’t have the system for. Then I’ll drop over $400 for a 60GB PS3, and then money for Eternal Sonata and Valkyria Chronicles :X


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