Early Opinions on Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

-Yaaaay I’m playing Lunar again, it’s been years~
-The new versions of the songs are good, they’re just different. And the singer’s voice got lower
-The voices are okay, but they’re more flat/badly directed/lack emotion/put the wrong emotion into parts than anything else. I actually think Nall is the best so far
-Also yay for making it easier, really. I don’t want to get stuck in the fire dragon cave again
-I don’t care about lack of world map either :V it was useless in the PS1 version anyway.


TheSpeedGamers Metroid Marathon

Almost forgot about this. Thank goodness I have a three-day weekend to spend watching the entire thing 😀

Link to TSG’s homepage

I’ve just only recently really been into Metroid — Other M is going to be the second one I buy (getting Super Metroid on VC before then). Well, second unless I find the Prime Trilogy somewhere, because I want that too. I’ve played Zero Mission on emulator, and that’s it.

Might as well go ahead and say that Other M is looking spectacular, and I’m really excited for its release!