PFRNC because I’m too lazy to type “Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge” every time. I might end up doing this as a comic, if I get time.

Today was quite an eventful day.

After training everyone up a LOT (Level 10 or 11 for everyone minus Emil, who was stuck at 7 due to low attack power as a newly-evolved Metapod), I decided to try to sneak up on Gary. Of course, he saw me coming and as I expected, challenged me to a battle.

Kamyu swept him. He stormed off, pretty pissed.

Next up, since this gym was “mysteriously” closed, I headed into the forest again. There were lots of trainers here, though all were Bug Catchers. Good practice for Minato and Kamyu. By the end, Emil had evolved to Butterfree after some more grinding.

But I still wasn’t ready.

A pile of burned bugs later, Minato was a Charmeleon.

Still not ready. Everyone else needs to get stronger. I can’t take any chances against a gym leader.


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