I’ve also started drawing it, so the first two comics will also be under the cut. I might switch over completely to drawing, but I’m also using this so I can remember wtf I did each day…

I was ready. Today was the day I took on Brock, the leader of Pewter Gym. I was…really nervous, especially after watching a trainer run out of the gym in tears after being crushed. As I walked in, I saw Gary’s name on the statue at the entrance. Idiot beat me here.

The trainer in the gym wasn’t too hard, Emil took him down easily. I marched up to Brock, and after a short conversation, we battled.

I honestly expected MORE out of a gym leader. His Geodude only used Defense Curl, which was useless against Emil’s Confusion. When he switched out to Onix, I decided against taking any chances and withdrew Emil for Minato. He took a Rock Tomb to the face, which made me wince.

But then, Brock got stupid. I mean, REALLY stupid.

His Onix just used Bind over and over. The damage was minimal, and Minato Metal Clawed it to death.

+1 Badge for me.

After healing up, I set out for Route 3 (picking up some Running Shoes along the way). The trainers there weren’t much either, the Jigglypuff girl at the end made me nervous with sing, but Emil’s poison took it out fast. I noticed a grassy patch near the end that looked lucky, so I ran in.

First encounter, a Nidoran M. A bit of a derp on my part, tossing a ball right away and having it break out, but after I Tackled it down and put it to sleep, it stayed inside. Welcome to the team, Mattalast (Nidoran M, Male, Route 3).



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