Gaming Garble: wut is dis summer break thing

And what do you mean it’s almost JULY already? If you track it by numbers, I should be at least halfway through Backloggery 33 B.C., but I’m just short of that mark on the :B: side and haven’t touched the :C: side. The Alphabethon is also going slowly, with only ONE game from that list finished. And half my list is greyed out, too.

I’ve got 11 days off for summer break coming up (off in the sense that I have no school, I’ll have homework though) so maybe something will get done. Of course I’m going home which means no PS2/3 or Wii games. Bring Guardian’s Crusade with me y/n? Leaning towards y, along with Sakura Taisen on PSP, FF4 on GBA, and…some :U: DS game since I plan to finish TWEWY before break.

In gaming news: Sakura Wars sold like shit. Which wasn’t unexpected, but I do wonder what they were aiming for with this game, especially since it released shortly after FF13 and is a 5 year old anime-infused game.

Coming soon: Trinity Universe for PS3. Yet another massive crossover RPG by Gust/N1/someone else, but it seems to be better than Cross Edge at least. Not getting yet due to lack of funds and general interest.

Persona 3 Portable. And this is yet another P3 remake/port, this time adding a girl’s side to the story while stripping out all the walking around town (and The Answer). Not getting since I don’t have another 75 hours to devote to this game again.


One thought on “Gaming Garble: wut is dis summer break thing

  1. sobou says:

    That sucks that Sakura Wars (and Phantom Brave Wii) seem to have sold so poorly over here. I know that they’re not for everyone, but less than 50,000 units seems like a major shame.

    Also glad to see you get a bit of a break from all that work. Relaxing times to fight Bak’Laag, eh? :Db

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