Gaming Garble #4: Wut.

Mah :V

Now Playing: Started Sakura Taisen 2 recently. It feels like they spaced out the save points even more in this game, but other than that everyone is improved over the first. I’m extremely happy with the battle improvements, like speed and the battle orders that can raise stats.
Also started Super Metroid, streamed and played for 6 hours today and I think I’m getting into the part where it gets hard. Mah.
I’ll be starting a Suikoden V replay alongside Orpheon’s first time through the game this week. It’s been 4 years since I finished this awesome game, and I’m really looking forward to going back.
Valkyrie Profile DS, HMGB, and Pokemon Nuzlocke are still being played but Yggdra Union has greyed out. Good, since I can drop it off the list soon :V

The usual 33 B.C. update. 15/30 beaten, 1/3 completed:
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