Early Opinions on Atelier Rorona

Ohay another new game.

-It’s sad that the graphics in this are miles better than Ar tonelico 3, and this game came first.
-I don’t like having to buy water…
-The voices are really cute :3
-It seems harder than Atelier Annie. I forget if you lost HP when you did synthesis in that game, but I don’t think you did.
-SYNTHAN GAEMS. I get so into making items for jobs and people…


Early Opinions on Valkyria Chronicles II

Been ages since I last played a new game.

-Music is as awesome as ever, though I’ve had the OST for about a week now so I already knew that.
-I really don’t like Avan much…he’s like Lyner or Lloyd but not AS stupid but MORE hotblooded. Cosette is like Colette, and Zeri is just there.
-Anisette, Mischlitt, other Darcsen girl, and creepy Zeri-loving scout girl are my favorite side characters so far. Need to learn names.
-No I will not use the bonus password/save file characters again. Yet.
-Mechanics are actually really well improved so far. Love how you distribute exp now, doesn’t take as long. Looking forward to the assorted types of terrain and tank types.
-Though there’s so much more stuff, I have to think a lot harder, and I suck at thinking in real-time strategy.