30 Days of Gaming: Day 2

Day 2: Your favorite character

I really, really like Sierra from Suikoden II. Like…stupidly like. She’s not even that main of a character and joins at the tail end of the game in the stupid tacked-on Tinto section, but I love her so much.

…yeah that’s about it, I cant even really explain my reasons, I just like her, in the same way that I also like Miakis, Celes, Jakuri, Raine, Tear, Subaru, Ratchet…*COUGH*


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Gaming: Day 2

  1. sobou says:

    And here I thought *I* was girl-crazy. -3-

  2. _hojo says:

    “tacked-on” nothing. fuckin’ NECLORD.

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