30 Days of Gaming: Day 7

Day 7: Favorite game couple.
Well, I’ll just come out and say I really don’t have a complete favorite, so just have a list of ones I like:
Lucia and Hiro
Lucia and Hiro from Lunar 2, they were cute. And Hiro leaving all his friends to go tap dat ass was great. Guy had his priorities straight!

Cornet and Ferdinand
Cornet and Ferdinand from Rhapsody were good too. Especially since they flip-flopped the usual and you played as the girl trying to rescue the guy.

Alicia and Welkin
Probably my favorite out of the three. I didn’t want to put it here first cause (lol spoilers) Valkyria Chronicles is gonna be popping up a lot on this list, but hey, WHY NOT. Alicia and Welkin are just so fucking adorable together ❤


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