30 Days of Gaming: Day 10

Day 10: Best Gameplay

I’m going to copy sobou’s criteria:

  • How much fun did I have, both in quality and in quantity?
  • How easy was it to pick up and was the gameplay simple yet complex, or not?
  • Did the gameplay ever get stale for me?
  • Did it present what it’d be like, then accomplish that presentment the entire way through, ie not changing genre and keeping to what you expected?

And with that, I’m going to go with two games: one non-RPG and one RPG.
Ocarina of Time
I think overall Ocarina of Time hits all those criteria. Considering that I played it when I was under 10 and was still able to beat 90% of it on my own (couldn’t do Phantom Ganon) is pretty good. And the game still holds up today. Apparently my mom and I spent Thanksgiving weekend on this game, though I don’t remember it.

Knights in the Nightmare
Knights in the Nightmare is what I had in my text file, and it hits everything but “kind difficulty curve”, cause this game has a difficulty cliff. Covered in spikes. I played on easymodo. There was stuff I didn’t figure out until 5 maps before the end of the game. There’s stuff I still don’t get. But goddamn was it a fun and innovative game and I couldn’t put it down. I mean, how many other bullet hell strategy RPGs are there?


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