30 Days of Gaming: Day 11

Day 11: Gaming system of choice

Kinda obvious from my backloggery stats. I own a combined total of 85 PS1 and PS2 games, a bit under twice the amount of my next highest (DS and GBA combined at 54). I counted both cause they’re backwards compatible and all.
Plus the PS2 has somehow held on for 10 years. It’s not getting as many new games, but every time someone said “this is its swan song”, it got a new game. Using RPGs as an example, Persona 3 came out and was praised as that, and then Persona 4 was made on the same system. Ar tonelico 2, as crappy as the localization was, was also praised, and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love snuck out at the beginning of 2010.
So yeah, if I was stranded on an island with one system and a portal to get any games that it could play, I’d stick with a PS2.