30 Days of Gaming: Day 30

Day 30: Your favorite game of all time.

Well, we made it. 30 days, 30 blog posts, 30 gaming-related questions answered. “Favorite game” is always one of those tough questions to answer, having to rate on enjoyment at the time you played it, but also taking into consideration the want to replay the game, or graphics and music, or characters and story…Anyway, I have 31 top rated games on my Backloggery, and picking just one of those is pretty tough. So, after some deliberation (read: 5 minutes) here’s what I think is my favorite game of all time.

Suikoden V! Barely edging out Suikoden II, mainly because of plot pacing and number of characters I liked. Even though I’ve only been through the game 1.5 times, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time spent on the game. I’m not one to replay games much anyway.

I’ll give some shout outs to other games, though.
-Star Fox 64 is a very good adventure/railshooter, and very much a game I’ll always come back to for a run through.
-Knights in the Nightmare still wins for strangest mechanics and gameplay
-Ever 17 is the best mindfuck
-Growlanser II is the most breakable RPG I’ve played
-Earthbound definitely has its charm as a quirky RPG. Not many go the real-world route, after all.
-And for all it has popped up in this list, it’d be a shame not to put Valkyria Chronicles here for having awesome graphics and story

Thanks all for reading! We’ll be back to no blog posts for a while -3-


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