Early Opinions on Mass Effect 3

Why yes, I have been playing this all day. Thank you for noticing.

-Man this game is pretty. Prettier than ME2, even, and I stared at those graphics sometimes.
-However, the facial animations aren’t that good, especially on humans (or human-likes). There’s some low res textures and animation bugs too.
-Speaking of bugs, goddamn with the DLC mission crashing. There’s a workaround, but that better be patched eventually.
-And speaking of the DLC, Mr. DLC character’s voice isn’t as bad as everyone said it was. I…haven’t used him in battle yet.
-It feels a lot…slower of a game than the last one did. Like I’m in a JRPG and taking my time with sidequests even though the world is ending, and no one cares.
-Sidequests are harder to find and complete. The quest log is too barren. I’d like it to be more like an MMO quest log with lots of detail and pointers.
-Vanguard is fun, except when you Charge+Nova into a group of enemies and don’t kill them. Then you die.

Now for more spoilery stuff considering locations and characters and scenes, blacked out to be nice. I tried to label it with what it talks about, but obviously if you’re avoiding all spoilers then don’t read any of it.

(Characters)-Holy shit do I love meeting all the previous characters! I think I’ve squealed every time, especially on the ones that surprised me (Jack, Grunt)
(Locations)-Nice variety in worlds, especially the various homeworlds I’ve seen so far. I’d like to hurry up and get to Rannoch though.
(Character)-EDI becoming a robot (or sexbot as Jack put it) was…interesting? I knew she was a party member but the way it happened…
(DLC Character)-Javik still doesn’t sit well with me. OH LOOK IT IS A LIVING PROTHEAN SUDDENLY OUT OF NOWHERE.
(Choices and things)-Really hoping there’s not another Virmire choice in the game, though I think there is one that I’ll have to make considering the quarians and the geth. I spent 20 minutes on the rachni choice in that one side mission with Grunt 😐
(Massive ending speculation)-Considering reactions of people who read spoilers, people who have finished the game already, and vague sentences that might not mean anything in the game, I’m really afraid that it’s gonna end with Shepard dying, and I do not want that.

Whew. It’s looking to be a long and epic ride. Hopefully it keeps going well.


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