Best of 2010: Anime

Because why not? Qualifying shows are based on this list because it didn’t mean I had to think of what qualified myself. And ADTRW uses the same list so yeah.

Now presenting Kari’s Best of 2010 list for all anime related things without pictures because she’s lazy but there’s some description to fill space! PS: Don’t bitch cause there’s only like, six shows mentioned.
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Anime cons 2009!

So I totally made plans with my mom today to not only go to Otakon, but also hit up Anime Expo and Anime Festival Orlando.

Anime Expo: July 2-5, Los Angeles, CA
Otakon: July 17-19, Baltimore, MD
Anime Festival Orlando: July 31-August 2, Orlando, FL

Yeah, all in one month, and we’re also visiting family/friends in CA between those two cons. I think I counted 10 total flights, including going back to PA for spring break in April, and my mom coming to my graduation in June.

To celebrate, I’m putting together a new cosplay :3