Cost to repair my laptop?


If I didn’t need it for school, I wouldn’t have gotten it repaired. They needed to replace the outer case, the LCD screen, and the video card, and because it ended up classified as “user-created damages”, warranty didn’t cover it.

Thank goodness for a backlog, I guess? This is one reason why I won’t be buying many games from now on. I said that I would buy Prinny, Mana Khemia 2, and Cross Edge. Prinny was preordered last week, but I plan to wait for post-release reactions for MK2 and CE now.

Maybe I’ll get Suikoden Tierkreis instead? Or that DS Valkyrie Profile game, though it’s an SRPG. Not going for the Star Ocean remakes right now, going to wait for used copies of those to pop up…


January is trolling me

(I usually don’t post about real life stuff in here, but I need to rant)

-Started off the month with food poisoning.

-Lots of projects, leaving little free time. Persona 4 pushed to the side

-My laptop decides to have its video card crap out the week a project is due. Luckily I have my desktop, luckily there are trials for Illustrator and InDesign, and luckily my logo design is on the school server. I get to take a trip to the Apple Store to drop off poor Miakis (and buy an external HD and firewire cable to back her up once I get her back).

-Internet was down all afternoon, making me freak out even more.

I’m really freaking overwhelmed, and I hate it.

Ar tonelico II is going to kill me

I don’t think I’ve anticipated a game this much since Golden Sun: The Lost Age. That was even the last one where I played the Japanese version before the English release and got rather far. I’m not even looking that forward to playing it, I’ve done that already, I just want to have it on my shelf and hear the voices.

And I pretty much kept forgetting about Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Chrono Trigger DS. Both games snuck up on me, and I didn’t preorder either since I don’t expect any shortages.

I’ve got to stop thinking about AT2 so much. I’ve got a massive backlog of other games to keep my attention, and Persona 4 is due in a month (I’m getting it for Christmas, so it’s more like 1.5 months for me). And there’s other things, like school projects and Thanksgiving break, and…and…I’ll be insane by January. Or have a few ulcers. Or just keel over.