Early Opinions on Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

-Holy hell is this game hard! I didn’t have an NES growing up, so I don’t really have the concept of “Nintendo Hard” in my head, but I think this is close.
-I’ve lost 93 Prinnies so far on Standard difficulty. I spent an hour on the last stage…
-Speaking of stages I’ve beaten four out of the six available, but I think a seventh stage opens up. Maybe I can beat it this week if I keep at it…then it’s just completion stuff (finding secret items, etc.)


Early Opinions on Ar tonelico 2

Might be spoilers if you haven’t started the game yet. I’m 5 hours in, at the Ironplate Desert.

-Voices: So far the English track is quite enjoyable! I was surprised to find out that Amarie’s VA is the same VA who did Margaret in Persona 4, one of the weaker links in a very good track. She’s better doing Amarie’s higher voice. Also, Infel is love.
-The cut voices aren’t affecting me as much as I thought they would. I have a few moments of “Was this voiced? This should’ve been voiced. I wanna hear [character]’s voice, when is there a scene with them voiced?”
-Laura Bailey + voiced hymmnos = oh yesssss
-What IS bugging me are the grammar mistakes, mistranslations, and missed translations. Is it Pombleton, Bomberton, or Bon Beltan?! Those corrupted lines of text where they forgot to take out kana is annoying, too.
-“But…doing it with the Holy Maiden…I just can’t believe it.” “If you hurt me…I’ll never forgive you. Slide it in, slowly…carefully.” “You came again? You really like it, don’t you…” If you can’t tell, I love the innuendo. A lot. Even if it’s not really innuendo, but just taking lines out of context. I’ve been laughing a lot so far.
-Also text related, I’m glad I’m able to play it in English, since I’m picking up on little side notes that I missed out just reading about the main plot. Example: Amarie saying that the lullaby Reisha sings is the same song that Sonya would sing

Overall, I’m still enjoying the game, despite all the flaws. The flaws were a bit…I dunno, I can’t think of a word. I won’t be preordering NISA games from now on because of them. There’s an undub floating out there, I’m downloading it just because I can. If I feel like playing through one of the routes with the Japanese track on, I might use it, but right now I’m pretty much content with the official NA version.

Early Opinions on Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Rune Factory 2

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
-The graphics are a bit blurrier than I’m used to, but still beautiful.
-I keep getting bored when I have to sit through 30+ minutes of recruitment every chapter. I just wanna do the dungeons~
-I plan to do the Seraphic Gate this time. Hooboy.

Rune Factory 2
-The days seem to be longer than a normal HM game, longer than the first RF even. I’m only in Summer!
-However, raising people’s FP and LP is a lot easier. I’ve got 4 girls ready to marry me. Granted, this is Generation 1 that I’m talking about, and I’m sure it’s harder in the longer Generation 2 section.
-Speaking of Gen2, I want to get there quickly, but really want to get all the girls to 10 FP/LP first…especially Rosalind, since she gives 50k Gold for one of her late quest rewards!

Early Opinions on Disgaea DS

-I’m getting used to Michelle Ruff as Etna, though I miss her original voice
-The music quality did suffer, but I haven’t noticed if the graphics have like some people say.
-I miss the voice acting, but honestly if I hadn’t played the PS2 version already, I don’t think I would’ve noticed.
-I’m 7 hours in, and I’m only at the START of Episode 2! Been grinding in item world. I already have a level 40-some Statistician.
-Pleinair is GOD. She’s my highest leveled at 13, and NOTHING hits her. Laharl is 11, Etna is 8. Whoops.

Early Opinions on Atelier Iris 3

-This quest system is going to get annoying fast.
-Nell is going to get annoying faster. Edge is a stick in the mud, and Yula is PMSing.
-Loving the battle system for some reason, maybe because I can avoid enemies when I want to, auto-win battles by slashing low-level enemies, and the Burst system is really cool.
-I understand why Iris has to get “ideas” to learn new recipes, but it means even more dungeon backtracking…
-Yay Pamela!

Hoping to beat this before January so I can have all three AI games beaten this year :3