Early Opinions on Atelier Rorona

Ohay another new game.

-It’s sad that the graphics in this are miles better than Ar tonelico 3, and this game came first.
-I don’t like having to buy water…
-The voices are really cute :3
-It seems harder than Atelier Annie. I forget if you lost HP when you did synthesis in that game, but I don’t think you did.
-SYNTHAN GAEMS. I get so into making items for jobs and people…


Early Opinions on Ar tonelico III

9 hours in and at the end of Phase 1, let’s go!

-Since it’s in moonspeak I’ve pretty much been skipping the text…there have been some funny scenes, though
-Okay, purging was a nice gimmick at first, but I’m tired of seeing the scenes and fake boobs now.
-The battle system is mash buttan, die anyway. I’m only on normal and I’m still having trouble with things
-Don’t like how item synthing uses precious DP
-The first song you hear after starting the game is Cutypump. The next is Ep=Nova. It’s like they want your ears to be raw and bleeding before you get to the good shit
-Hearing Tatsumi use “boku” makes me laugh
-Some dungons have an overhead camera that zooms in and out and makes me dizzy

Early Opinions on Mana Khemia

-Oh god dammit they reused sound effects and sprites from Atelier Iris 3. I’m sick of that enemy and sound set.
-Hooray they reused the Atelier Iris 3 battle system and “random” encounter system!
-Still running around to synth items. Buy something from the store to synth an item in the workshop to synth a weapon in the…weapon-synth-place.
-Grow Book reminds me of the Sphere Grid from FF10. Interesting system.
-I thought Vayne would be less of a pussy. At least he can JUMP.
-Vayne is also mysterious. I’M SURE THIS WON’T COME INTO PLAY LATER.

Cross Edge interview

Sure a lot of info coming out about this game recently.

An interview with Nao Zook

Is there going to be lots of voice acting in Cross Edge? If you need someone to voice a Southerner, I do a mean Hank Hill impression. You could fly me out and I’ll record some lines for free. What I’m really trying to ask is will there be Japanese and English language options?
Nao: Haha, I wish you would’ve told me that before! I am sure you’d do a great job on it. But unfortunately, all the voice recording is done, and there is quite a lot of it in this game. All of the original Japanese voices are included, and we also recorded over half of the total voiced lines into English.

From that last sentence, I wonder if they meant “all the dialogue” when they said “all the voices” or if “all the voices” just means that everyone who had a voice in the JP version has at least one voiced line? Confusing. I hope that they really had enough localization and debugging time. Debugging time, mostly.

Also, at the end of the interview, they essentially announced that we’re getting Atelier Annie, which is the newest Atelier game released on DS. It just came out this month, in fact. That’d make it the first traditional Atelier game to come over to the US! I wonder if we’ll be getting Rorona too?

Early Opinions on Ar tonelico 2

Might be spoilers if you haven’t started the game yet. I’m 5 hours in, at the Ironplate Desert.

-Voices: So far the English track is quite enjoyable! I was surprised to find out that Amarie’s VA is the same VA who did Margaret in Persona 4, one of the weaker links in a very good track. She’s better doing Amarie’s higher voice. Also, Infel is love.
-The cut voices aren’t affecting me as much as I thought they would. I have a few moments of “Was this voiced? This should’ve been voiced. I wanna hear [character]’s voice, when is there a scene with them voiced?”
-Laura Bailey + voiced hymmnos = oh yesssss
-What IS bugging me are the grammar mistakes, mistranslations, and missed translations. Is it Pombleton, Bomberton, or Bon Beltan?! Those corrupted lines of text where they forgot to take out kana is annoying, too.
-“But…doing it with the Holy Maiden…I just can’t believe it.” “If you hurt me…I’ll never forgive you. Slide it in, slowly…carefully.” “You came again? You really like it, don’t you…” If you can’t tell, I love the innuendo. A lot. Even if it’s not really innuendo, but just taking lines out of context. I’ve been laughing a lot so far.
-Also text related, I’m glad I’m able to play it in English, since I’m picking up on little side notes that I missed out just reading about the main plot. Example: Amarie saying that the lullaby Reisha sings is the same song that Sonya would sing

Overall, I’m still enjoying the game, despite all the flaws. The flaws were a bit…I dunno, I can’t think of a word. I won’t be preordering NISA games from now on because of them. There’s an undub floating out there, I’m downloading it just because I can. If I feel like playing through one of the routes with the Japanese track on, I might use it, but right now I’m pretty much content with the official NA version.