Early Opinions on Mass Effect 3

Why yes, I have been playing this all day. Thank you for noticing.

-Man this game is pretty. Prettier than ME2, even, and I stared at those graphics sometimes.
-However, the facial animations aren’t that good, especially on humans (or human-likes). There’s some low res textures and animation bugs too.
-Speaking of bugs, goddamn with the DLC mission crashing. There’s a workaround, but that better be patched eventually.
-And speaking of the DLC, Mr. DLC character’s voice isn’t as bad as everyone said it was. I…haven’t used him in battle yet.
-It feels a lot…slower of a game than the last one did. Like I’m in a JRPG and taking my time with sidequests even though the world is ending, and no one cares.
-Sidequests are harder to find and complete. The quest log is too barren. I’d like it to be more like an MMO quest log with lots of detail and pointers.
-Vanguard is fun, except when you Charge+Nova into a group of enemies and don’t kill them. Then you die.

Now for more spoilery stuff considering locations and characters and scenes, blacked out to be nice. I tried to label it with what it talks about, but obviously if you’re avoiding all spoilers then don’t read any of it.
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