30 Days of Gaming: Day 28

Day 28: Favorite game developer.

Atlus! Or as the haters say, Fatlus.
Really I didn’t pay attention to developers until 2004 or so, and even then Atlus caught my eye on the publishing side. But they did the SMT series and that makes them awesome.

Second place is Nintendo cause I grew up with ’em.


30 Days of Gaming: Day 12

Day 12: A game everyone should play
Because of the release date it feels like a lot of people skipped out on this Kirby game. Or they played it and didn’t like it. Well I liked it, a lot. It’s my favorite traditional Kirby game (not really calling Super Star/Ultra traditional cause of all the modes and stuff), and the artstyle is so beautiful. Kirby’s running animation looks weird, but meh. I also like the large amount of animal helpers and the stage requirements to get the rainbow drop thingers.

TheSpeedGamers Metroid Marathon

Almost forgot about this. Thank goodness I have a three-day weekend to spend watching the entire thing 😀

Link to TSG’s homepage

I’ve just only recently really been into Metroid — Other M is going to be the second one I buy (getting Super Metroid on VC before then). Well, second unless I find the Prime Trilogy somewhere, because I want that too. I’ve played Zero Mission on emulator, and that’s it.

Might as well go ahead and say that Other M is looking spectacular, and I’m really excited for its release!