30 Days of Gaming: Day 18

Day 18: Favorite protagonist.
I’m one of those people who usually ends up liking the side characters more than the protagonists, so I really don’t have ONE favorite. Two get pictures, some others get words.

Croix from Ar tonelico II is a rare example of a JRPG protagonist who isn’t hot blooded or stupid (I’m looking at you, Lyner, Lloyd, and Avan). He’s also pretty much a doormat to all of the main girls, which is hilarious. But he’s also level-headed enough to help them through their problems, and considering they’re all Reyvateils, they have enough issues to fill a two-year subscription.

Looked at a poster which reminded me how badass Amaterasu from Okami is. Seriously, a god in the form of a wolf. Awesooooome.

Others I can think of off the top of my head…Samus (Metroid) is pretty cool, I always liked the evil-skewing Disgaea protagonists, and I’m torn between the Prince (Suikoden V) and Chris (Suikoden III) for best protag of that series.