E3 2009: Microsoft vs Nintendo vs Sony

After not caring about E3 for a few years, I decided to watch the three big press conferences this year. Well, I’m quite glad I did! Here’s what I thought:

Microsoft: I’m a bit biased against them because I don’t and never have owned any of their consoles. But the games they showed off were quite pretty, even if they seemed to be all sequels (but that was a running trend in all three conferences, I think). So I really didn’t care about the games since I won’t buy any. Now, Project Natal, on the other hand, was pretty damn amazing. It’ll be interesting to see if it does anything to the younger/older crowd when it’s released, which I don’t think it will be before next E3. This one kept me pretty interested the whole time, though I’d look away during the games

Nintendo: Oooooo, Nintendo. I love Nintendo. Mostly. LOTS of stuff about Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort…the casual things that I’m meh about. My mom likes this kind of stuff though, even though she doesn’t want to spend $90 on Wii Fit. Now THEY had games I cared about! New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks fun (I’ve never played the DS version), especially with multiplayer available. And the Koopalings are back AND apparently the Yoshi’s make SMW-style Yoshi noises :3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a maybe, considering that it’s only 90% new levels and looks like a SMG expansion pack. Metroid: Other M looks BEAUTIFUL, and I’ve only played one Metroid game (Zero Mission) DS games…well, Golden Sun DS is an INSTANT preorder for me. I swore they were talking about Dragon Quest until they said “6 years” and then I was like “hmmm”. … >> << EEEEEEE YES SO EXCITED. Uh…lol vitality thing, my mom found that a bit scary, and…that's about it.

Sony: To be honest, I was falling asleep at this point (haven’t been feeling well recently) and I had to leave before the end to deliever some meds to my friend. They started with boring numbers, but I was happy that they acknowledged the PS2’s existence 🙂 PSP Go wasn’t anything new, but LOL $250 PRICE TAG. It’s the new “five-hundred ninety-nine US dollars”! Feeling sorry for the Yerps that have to pay 250 Euros, too. Final Fantasy XIII and The Last Guardian look DAMN pretty, and I want them because it’s so pretty. Final Fantasy XIV was out of left field and actually looks like a fantasy game…but it’s Online. And that sucks. Wonder what’ll happen to FF11 when that’s released? Sony also had some new motion controller thing that I didn’t catch much of, apparently it looks like a dildo? I guess motion controls are the new big thing that every company wants to do, since the Wii did it and the Wii prints money.

Overall? Tech-wise it’s Microsoft > Nintendo > Sony. Game-wise it’s Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft.


Cross Edge boxart and trailer

Seriously, NISA, stop releasing so much info about this game so quickly! You’re making me WANT it.

Boxart popped up at Amazon. It’s essentially the same as the JP boxart but Miko(to) was moved and someone was taken off to make room for her. I like it, though.

Watch the trailer here. Yes, I’m pretty sure that Yuri Lowenthal is voicing three characters. Miko(to) is a bit high, the AT1 girls don’t have their old voices, and Etna and Prinny are the same as usual.

Um…that’s about it. I’ll have to hear more of course to get a better judgment of what they’ll be like. But it seems…tolerable? Also, the font they’re using for text seems to be the same used in AT1 and 2. Random observation.

Next thing you’ll know is Rosenqueen will put up preorders with epic swag and I’ll drop $70 (since swag costs extra) on a game I don’t have the system for. Then I’ll drop over $400 for a 60GB PS3, and then money for Eternal Sonata and Valkyria Chronicles :X

Cross Edge site launched


I have nothing to say on name changes for Mana Khemia 2, as long as they carry over into that game if/when it’s localized. Marie (Atelier Marie) didn’t get changed, for some reason I was afraid they’d screw up on her. Same with the other characters that have established names (Darkstalkers and AT girls)

My only beef is with “Reyvatail”. Come ON guys, you at least got that right in your mess you called Ar tonelico II. Don’t let that get in the game. Besides, your rep is SERIOUSLY hanging on this game, NISA. If it sucks, that’s three in a row (1 is Rhapsody, 2 is AT2).

Cross Edge interview

Sure a lot of info coming out about this game recently.

An interview with Nao Zook

Is there going to be lots of voice acting in Cross Edge? If you need someone to voice a Southerner, I do a mean Hank Hill impression. You could fly me out and I’ll record some lines for free. What I’m really trying to ask is will there be Japanese and English language options?
Nao: Haha, I wish you would’ve told me that before! I am sure you’d do a great job on it. But unfortunately, all the voice recording is done, and there is quite a lot of it in this game. All of the original Japanese voices are included, and we also recorded over half of the total voiced lines into English.

From that last sentence, I wonder if they meant “all the dialogue” when they said “all the voices” or if “all the voices” just means that everyone who had a voice in the JP version has at least one voiced line? Confusing. I hope that they really had enough localization and debugging time. Debugging time, mostly.

Also, at the end of the interview, they essentially announced that we’re getting Atelier Annie, which is the newest Atelier game released on DS. It just came out this month, in fact. That’d make it the first traditional Atelier game to come over to the US! I wonder if we’ll be getting Rorona too?

Cost to repair my laptop?


If I didn’t need it for school, I wouldn’t have gotten it repaired. They needed to replace the outer case, the LCD screen, and the video card, and because it ended up classified as “user-created damages”, warranty didn’t cover it.

Thank goodness for a backlog, I guess? This is one reason why I won’t be buying many games from now on. I said that I would buy Prinny, Mana Khemia 2, and Cross Edge. Prinny was preordered last week, but I plan to wait for post-release reactions for MK2 and CE now.

Maybe I’ll get Suikoden Tierkreis instead? Or that DS Valkyrie Profile game, though it’s an SRPG. Not going for the Star Ocean remakes right now, going to wait for used copies of those to pop up…