30 Days of Gaming: Day 22

Day 22: A game sequel which disappointed you.

This gaaame. Valkyria Chronicles II did improve on the original in a few ways, with new character classes and streamlined controls, but it shed a few pounds of plot and characterization to fit it in. I disliked all the main characters, and while the side characters did get development, it wasn’t enough to save the story, which ranged from okay to godawful at times. I didn’t mention VC1 in my “best story” post yesterday, mainly because I think I’ve been talking about it too much, but it ranks up there with the two games I did list. VC2 took that and pretty much laughed at it in Avan’s stupid HA HAHAHAHA sound clip. VC3 looks like a big improvement, however.

Another one would be Ar tonelico III. It took a system jump just like VC2, but instead of going console -> handheld, it went the impressive last gen -> current gen jump. Which should’ve made it better, right? Nah. Even if I was a graphics whore I wouldn’t say so. The character models are extremely plasticy, not like you see them a lot in scenes since they usually fuzz out the background for the typical talking heads sequences RPGs do. The amazing battle system from AT2 is scrapped and replaced with a Tales-like action system…that falls utterly flat as all you do is mash button and do 10 damage. There’s only one type of magic, attack magic, and each girl only has one spell. You’ll be seeing it a lot since that’s the only way you can do any damage. I could keep going on but I did review it a while back, so just read that.


Early Opinions on Valkyria Chronicles II

Been ages since I last played a new game.

-Music is as awesome as ever, though I’ve had the OST for about a week now so I already knew that.
-I really don’t like Avan much…he’s like Lyner or Lloyd but not AS stupid but MORE hotblooded. Cosette is like Colette, and Zeri is just there.
-Anisette, Mischlitt, other Darcsen girl, and creepy Zeri-loving scout girl are my favorite side characters so far. Need to learn names.
-No I will not use the bonus password/save file characters again. Yet.
-Mechanics are actually really well improved so far. Love how you distribute exp now, doesn’t take as long. Looking forward to the assorted types of terrain and tank types.
-Though there’s so much more stuff, I have to think a lot harder, and I suck at thinking in real-time strategy.

Early Opinions on Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

-Yaaaay I’m playing Lunar again, it’s been years~
-The new versions of the songs are good, they’re just different. And the singer’s voice got lower
-The voices are okay, but they’re more flat/badly directed/lack emotion/put the wrong emotion into parts than anything else. I actually think Nall is the best so far
-Also yay for making it easier, really. I don’t want to get stuck in the fire dragon cave again
-I don’t care about lack of world map either :V it was useless in the PS1 version anyway.

Stuff from the last post until now

Disgaea DS
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Knights in the Nightmare
Um Jammer Lammy
Elite Beat Agents

So yeah, I’ve been busy with portables. On the console front…lol.
I got Skies of Arcadia Legends, got to the first save point.
Ar tonelico III was announced, I’m getting that.
Valkyria Chronicles II was announced and isn’t a console game, getting that too.
Mom bought my PS3 but I can’t play it until Christmas 😦
Still on that topic, the Valkyria Chronicles anime finished and I gave it a 6/10. Now watching Tatakau Shisho and Tales of the Abyss…the former is a really confusing show, maybe a 7/10 right now, and the latter is awesome, probably a 8/10 now.

School sucks.

E3 2009: Microsoft vs Nintendo vs Sony

After not caring about E3 for a few years, I decided to watch the three big press conferences this year. Well, I’m quite glad I did! Here’s what I thought:

Microsoft: I’m a bit biased against them because I don’t and never have owned any of their consoles. But the games they showed off were quite pretty, even if they seemed to be all sequels (but that was a running trend in all three conferences, I think). So I really didn’t care about the games since I won’t buy any. Now, Project Natal, on the other hand, was pretty damn amazing. It’ll be interesting to see if it does anything to the younger/older crowd when it’s released, which I don’t think it will be before next E3. This one kept me pretty interested the whole time, though I’d look away during the games

Nintendo: Oooooo, Nintendo. I love Nintendo. Mostly. LOTS of stuff about Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort…the casual things that I’m meh about. My mom likes this kind of stuff though, even though she doesn’t want to spend $90 on Wii Fit. Now THEY had games I cared about! New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks fun (I’ve never played the DS version), especially with multiplayer available. And the Koopalings are back AND apparently the Yoshi’s make SMW-style Yoshi noises :3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a maybe, considering that it’s only 90% new levels and looks like a SMG expansion pack. Metroid: Other M looks BEAUTIFUL, and I’ve only played one Metroid game (Zero Mission) DS games…well, Golden Sun DS is an INSTANT preorder for me. I swore they were talking about Dragon Quest until they said “6 years” and then I was like “hmmm”. … >> << EEEEEEE YES SO EXCITED. Uh…lol vitality thing, my mom found that a bit scary, and…that's about it.

Sony: To be honest, I was falling asleep at this point (haven’t been feeling well recently) and I had to leave before the end to deliever some meds to my friend. They started with boring numbers, but I was happy that they acknowledged the PS2’s existence 🙂 PSP Go wasn’t anything new, but LOL $250 PRICE TAG. It’s the new “five-hundred ninety-nine US dollars”! Feeling sorry for the Yerps that have to pay 250 Euros, too. Final Fantasy XIII and The Last Guardian look DAMN pretty, and I want them because it’s so pretty. Final Fantasy XIV was out of left field and actually looks like a fantasy game…but it’s Online. And that sucks. Wonder what’ll happen to FF11 when that’s released? Sony also had some new motion controller thing that I didn’t catch much of, apparently it looks like a dildo? I guess motion controls are the new big thing that every company wants to do, since the Wii did it and the Wii prints money.

Overall? Tech-wise it’s Microsoft > Nintendo > Sony. Game-wise it’s Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft.


HOW DID I MISS THIS. Aw man, it’s already a good E3 for me with THIS announcement holy shit Lunar remake coming over by XSEED YES.
Also, Fragile. Apparently it’s pretty good, and we do need more Wii RPGs.

BACK TO LUNAR. I’m already wondering about the voice actors, of course, since they’ll have to redo them all. And the boat song is gonna be redone, probably. I wonder if the game’s getting a new opening? And the translation! They say in the interview that they’ll try to strike a balance between Working Designs’ humor and correct translations, which is nice. As long as it’s not like Lunar Legend or that OTHER GAME it’ll be fine by me.

… >> << *waits for Lunar 2 remake*

Ignoring the blog again…

Been a week already? Whoops.

I would do a review of the recently-beaten Final Fantasy VI Advance, but I’ve got bad rose-colored goggles when it comes to that game, and I didn’t even bother with the new additions. It’s a good RPG if you like the old-style, pre-FF7 types, and if you’ve played it before and like longhard dungeons, the Dragon’s Den is perfect. I don’t feel like getting the items and equips needed to go through all those bosses, since I cheesed the final dungeon with Ultima…

Also, I showed great restraint at the mall today after dropping off my laptop (screen broke). Went in the GameStop and they had Star Ocean 1 and 2, Yggdra Union PSP, Tales of the Abyss, Odin Sphere, and some other things that I would’ve snatched up, but I didn’t buy a single thing.