30 Days of Gaming: Day 21

Day 21: Game with the best story.

Well I’ve always liked stories with twists and stuff. So Valkyrie Profile ranks high because if you play through normally, you don’t get the whole story. And the whole story, when you get it, is pretty touching and awesome.

The same applies to Persona 3, though it’s a hell of a lot longer, and with an extra chapter to tie things up in the rerelease. Though the story was fine before they added that in.


Early Opinions on Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Rune Factory 2

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
-The graphics are a bit blurrier than I’m used to, but still beautiful.
-I keep getting bored when I have to sit through 30+ minutes of recruitment every chapter. I just wanna do the dungeons~
-I plan to do the Seraphic Gate this time. Hooboy.

Rune Factory 2
-The days seem to be longer than a normal HM game, longer than the first RF even. I’m only in Summer!
-However, raising people’s FP and LP is a lot easier. I’ve got 4 girls ready to marry me. Granted, this is Generation 1 that I’m talking about, and I’m sure it’s harder in the longer Generation 2 section.
-Speaking of Gen2, I want to get there quickly, but really want to get all the girls to 10 FP/LP first…especially Rosalind, since she gives 50k Gold for one of her late quest rewards!