Early Opinions on Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

-Yaaaay I’m playing Lunar again, it’s been years~
-The new versions of the songs are good, they’re just different. And the singer’s voice got lower
-The voices are okay, but they’re more flat/badly directed/lack emotion/put the wrong emotion into parts than anything else. I actually think Nall is the best so far
-Also yay for making it easier, really. I don’t want to get stuck in the fire dragon cave again
-I don’t care about lack of world map either :V it was useless in the PS1 version anyway.



HOW DID I MISS THIS. Aw man, it’s already a good E3 for me with THIS announcement holy shit Lunar remake coming over by XSEED YES.
Also, Fragile. Apparently it’s pretty good, and we do need more Wii RPGs.

BACK TO LUNAR. I’m already wondering about the voice actors, of course, since they’ll have to redo them all. And the boat song is gonna be redone, probably. I wonder if the game’s getting a new opening? And the translation! They say in the interview that they’ll try to strike a balance between Working Designs’ humor and correct translations, which is nice. As long as it’s not like Lunar Legend or that OTHER GAME it’ll be fine by me.

… >> << *waits for Lunar 2 remake*