30 Days of Gaming: Day 25

Day 25: A game you plan on playing.

Gods I can’t just pick one. I’ve got whole wishlist of stuff I want to buy and a whole ‘nother list of stuff I haven’t finished or started. But a definite “plan on playing”…let’s go with the lulz option.

Oh I totally plan on playing Radiata Stories someday, it’s just a matter of when. I’ve owned it for 4.5 years. It’s going to be my last PS2 game that I’ll start and finish 😀


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gaming: Day 25

  1. Polsy says:

    I’ve had that on a shelf for years too and I don’t even remember exactly why. I think someone somewhere gave it a good recommendation and it was cheap on eBay when I checked.

    • kariohki says:

      Yeah, I picked it up the same day I got Suikoden III (for the same price too, and recommended by the same friend)…and never touched it.

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