Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge

Taken from here, I’m following my own version of the now-kinda-popular Pokéchallenge. FireRed was the only version where I didn’t have any mans worth anything, which is why I picked it. I’d love to do this on a Gen4 game but all of those have stuff I need…anyway, RULES.

1) If it faints, release it
2) Only catch the first thing in the area. if it faints, too bad, if you don’t have balls, too bad.
3) No repeat mans
4) All mans must have meaningful nicknames
5) One ball of each type can be bought per town
6) Only use TMs given to or found
7) No repels

Under the jump cut/more link I’ll be posting in character of my trainer…so sorry if it’s like bad fanfiction. I might draw pictures, too.

Today, I started my Pokémon journey.

Well, it’s going to be a hard one. These Pokémon are going to be my friends and all, and I don’t want to push them too hard. So if they get knocked out in battle, I’m retiring them. To the wild, that is. I’ve heard stories of trainers who catch so many Pokémon just to let them rot in boxes, so I’m also limiting what I catch to one per area, basically. This also saves money on those expensive balls…more healing items for me, I guess?

I started with Charmander, a male I named Minato. He seemed decently strong and rather mild, but when he wasn’t OHKOing birds and rats with his Ember, I got a little worried…He was able to hold his own while I ran errands for the Professor, though.

Along the way, I’ve caught Junpei (Rattata, Male, Route 22), Kamyu (Pidgey, Female, Route 2), and Emil (Caterpie, Male, Viridian Forest). I saw a Pikachu in the forest too, but couldn’t waste a ball on it…it ended up as experience fodder.

I’ve already gotten unlucky with status effects, poor Junpei was poisoned, then later paralyzed. Luckily I had an Antidote, and the walk to the center wasn’t too far for the second.

I saw Gary, that idiot who started with me, walking towards Indigo Plateau for some reason. I think I’ll train up a bit more, and give him a surprise attack…


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